The Enrichment course aims to teach students about the nature of knowledge itself, and to appreciate their position in the world and to question their own knowledge. The focus is on developing abstract, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and independence of thought and research; thus being able to question underlying and deep-seated assumptions. Students are encouraged to question their own assumptions about reality and what is “normal” or “right” and to view the world through other cultural lenses. Students will be encouraged to take intellectual risks, and open-mindedness, and thus tolerance for others with their differences, is developed throughout as students learn to view the world through different perspectives and broaden their understanding. The Enrichment course aims to:

• develop a fascination with the richness of knowledge as a human endeavour, and an understanding of the empowerment that follows from reflecting upon it

• develop an awareness of how knowledge is constructed, critically examined, evaluated and renewed, by communities and individuals

• encourage students to reflect on their experiences as learners, in everyday life and to make connections between academic disciplines and between thoughts, feelings and actions

• encourage an interest in the diversity of ways of thinking and ways of living of individuals and communities, and an awareness of personal and ideological assumptions, including participants’ own

• encourage consideration of the responsibilities originating from the relationship between knowledge, the community and the individual as citizen of the world.

(International Baccalaureate (2012) Diploma Programme Curriculum Core Requirements Theory of Knowledge Course, Retrieved December 10, 2012 from

      Achieving Today for Tomorrow; Knights of the Moore we can, we will” 

This vision was developed in consultation with staff, parents and students and is an integral part of how we operate. Behind this, is our values of: Inclusivity, Global awareness, Happiness, Teamwork and Success.

We value:

Inclusivity: Through tolerance and being considerate of differences.

Global Awareness: Taking notice and caring about what happens in our local and global environment, taking positive action in the wider world and preparing students for the 21st century

Happiness: Through enjoyment, respect, sense of humor, awareness of inner well being, fulfilling individual potential and taking on challenges

Teamwork: By developing trusting relationships through working cooperatively, and a culture of ‘together we achieve more’.

Success: By celebrating and recognizing achievements such as attaining personal goals, “having a go”, development of self belief, creativity, quest for excellence and forging ahead.