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  • Want to make workflow a lot easier? Then this course is for you!

    Couple ONENOTE with your own in the cloud server space (eg Skydrive) and divorce your USB jump drives.

    Accessing your cloud files from any device, anywhere and anytime is very useful. ONENOTE is the ideal organiser to exploit the power of cloud storage!

    Give it a go! 

  • Traditional photography course taught using digital cameras and photo editing software.

    Download the GIMP

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  • This module will teach participants how to build effective presentations using Prezi, the online presentational tool. It will also encompass the basic elements of online design.

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  • < p >This cours.e is for the two groups of year 7 students undergoing the transition induction program at NMSHS. During Semester 2, year 7 students will attend each Friday and undertake a normal high school program of work.

    The Introduction to Technology Skills couse is amed at introducing and strengthing the skills that will be required in Year 8 to carry out research and present their work for assessment accross a variety of subject areas.

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  • This is a Mystery course which makes heavy use of Conditional activities to gradually reveal the answer to the mystery (What are we learning today?) and move forward the learning. If you access this as a student you will only see one item and the others will reveal themselves as you go along. If you access it as a teacher, check out the teacher's instructions in topic 5 (hidden from students) Download this course from Moodle.net here

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  • This 2 week course will focus on creating understanding of computer based spreadsheets. The course will focus on using spreadsheets for business applications and to create efficiencies and better organization by using these simple (and freely available) tools.

  • Unit 26: Computer Animation

    Computer Animation is used for the web, games and other software. 3D graphics are used more and more but only 2D are required for this unit.

    As with all computer applications you must first identify the need, specific requirements and constraints before building the solution.

    We plan to use Macromedia Flash as our main development tool but we will also experiment with Blender and other design packages.

    On completion of this you should:

    1 Understand the origins and types of animation

    2 Be able to use software techniques used in animation

    3 Be able to plan, create and review an animation using digital methods.

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  • Storage of misc files